Who are we?​

Meet the faces behind Novatix: AI experts ready to guide you through your digital transformation.

AI pioneers​ at the service of SMEs

Novatix is a company dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses harness the benefits of artificial intelligence, offering them customized solutions tailored to their needs. 

We are one of the first companies in Switzerland to be founded by AI, under the supervision of our team of co-founders. Our mission is to make this technology available to our customers to help them achieve their business goals.

Whether you're a start-up or a large enterprise, our team is here to support you every step of the way, helping you to achieve your goals efficiently and cost-effectively. Please contact us to find out more about our services and our commitment to creators and innovators.

Our partners​

Romain Magnin

 Co-founder and partner

Romain is the entrepreneurial driving force behind Novatix. 
His entrepreneurial background and former role as Head of Digital at SwatchGroup have cemented his expertise in digital leadership and business innovation. He uses this experience to propel Novatix and its customers to the forefront of artificial intelligence.

Jonas Schneiter

Co-founder and partner

Jonas is an innovative entrepreneur with a remarkable background in media and community engagement. 
His entrepreneurial background includes the creation of engaging media content and involvement in sustainable development initiatives, bringing a unique and valuable perspective to our team.​

Our experts​

Nikitas Papadopoulos

AI consultant​

Nikitas combines in-depth technical expertise in machine learning and computer vision with a solid academic background from EPFL, where he obtained a Master's degree in Robotics. 
His experience in developing advanced AI applications greatly enriches our team, bringing an innovative perspective on technological challenges and possible solutions for our customers.​

Nadia Hadjmbarek

AI consultant

Nadia is a specialist in natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLM). 
With a Master's degree in Robotics from EPFL, Nadia applies her engineering and data analysis skills to develop sophisticated NLP solutions, making a significant contribution to our artificial intelligence projects.

Elliot Ruffieux

Business Development & Customer Experience Manager

Elliot leads business development and customer experience at Novatix.
With a background in AI sales, he uses his Master's degree in Political Economy and Management from UniFR to develop strategies that enhance customer engagement and drive growth through innovative AI solutions.

Bleron Ramaj​​

AI consultant​

Bleron brings a unique expertise acquired during his career in insurance management and enriched by a Master's degree in Information Systems from HEC Lausanne.
With a background in Business Economics from HES-SO, Bleron offers a solid economic perspective to the development and integration of artificial intelligence solutions for companies.​

Created with AI to democratize AI

In a first for French-speaking Switzerland, we used Artificial Intelligence to automate the fundamental tasks involved in setting up our company. This enabled us to focus on other, higher value-added tasks in order to achieve our mission: to democratize AI in an ethical and responsible way.

Here are some examples of tasks we've carried out with AI:

Drafting by-laws

An AI language model generated a draft of our bylaws, saving precious time.

Choice of company name

AI generated a list of potential names, helping us to choose a unique and memorable one.

Domain name reservation

AI checked the availability of domain names, speeding up the reservation process.

Creation of the website structure

AI proposed a basic structure for our site, allowing our developers to concentrate on design and functionality.

Acquiring the first customers

We used AI to identify and target high-quality prospects, which greatly facilitated the acquisition of our first customers.

Market analysis

AI helped us collect and analyze market data, providing us with valuable insights to precisely define our business model.

Our mission is to democratize artificial intelligence, by making it accessible to all companies, whatever their size or level of expertise.