Our approach

We are firmly committed to the ethical and responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI). Guided by the values of transparency, fairness, privacy and responsibility, we strive to provide AI solutions that respect the rights of every user.

Our detailed AI charter reflects these principles, our methodology, and our commitment to ongoing employee training. We have worked closely with Julien Gafner, from the law firm Resolution Legal Partners, to ensure that our practices are in line with the current legal framework. 

Its full report, assessing our compliance with data protection law, is available to download free of charge for total transparency. Together, we cultivate trust in the digital age.


Version: 1.4

Update date : August 15, 2023

Internal charter on Artificial Intelligence, Novatix​


1. Introduction

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the heart of today's technological revolution, transforming industries and shaping the future of business. We recognize the potential of AI, but we are also aware of the ethical and social challenges it presents. This charter aims to define our approach to AI, ensuring that we use it responsibly, transparently and to the benefit of all.


2. Key principles of AI at Novatix

2.1 Transparency

Trust is essential in our relationship with our customers. We are committed to being transparent about how we use AI, clearly explaining the methodologies, data and algorithms that power our solutions. Each solution is accompanied by detailed documentation, ensuring that our customers understand how and why specific decisions are made.

2.2 Fairness

Fairness is at the heart of our AI solutions. We are committed to avoiding any form of discrimination or bias in our models. Using advanced techniques and regular audits, we ensure that our solutions serve all users fairly and impartially.

2.3 Privacy and data protection

Data confidentiality and security are paramount. We strictly adhere to data protection laws and regulations, in particular the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA). Our solutions are designed to guarantee data security at every stage, from collection to analysis.

2.4 Liability

We recognize the potential impact of AI on society and business. Therefore, we take responsibility for ensuring that our solutions are used ethically, taking into account social, economic and individual implications.

2.5 Commitment to the public good

Beyond our commercial obligations, we seek to use AI for the common good. This includes educational initiatives, partnerships with academic institutions and the promotion of ethical AI across the industry.


3. Novatix methodology for AI solutions

3.1 Data collection

Data quality is essential for effective AI solutions. We ensure that all data is collected legally, with appropriate consent, and is relevant to the specific purpose. Each data source is carefully evaluated to ensure its integrity and relevance.

3.2 Data preparation

Prior to analysis, data is cleaned, transformed and prepared to guarantee its quality. We use advanced techniques to handle missing data, detect and correct anomalies, and ensure that data is ready for analysis.

3.3 Modeling

Our AI experts use proven methodologies to develop accurate and reliable models. This includes selecting appropriate algorithms, training models on diverse datasets and validating them to ensure performance.

3.4 Valuation

Every AI solution undergoes rigorous evaluation. We test our models in a variety of scenarios to ensure their robustness, accuracy and reliability. User feedback is also essential at this stage, helping us to refine and improve our solutions.

3.5 Deployment

When deploying our solutions, we ensure that they are seamlessly integrated into our customers' existing systems. We also provide comprehensive documentation and training to ensure effective and ethical use of our solutions.


4. Audit and Review

4.1 Regular internal audits

We carry out regular internal audits to assess the performance, safety and ethics of our AI solutions. These audits ensure that we meet the highest standards, and enable us to quickly identify and rectify any potential problems.

4.2 Third-party evaluations

We are open to evaluations by external experts, guaranteeing an objective perspective on our solutions. These third-party assessments reinforce our commitment to transparency and accountability.


5. Collaboration and partnerships

We believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with other industry leaders, academic institutions and research groups to share knowledge, explore new methodologies and promote ethical standards in AI.


6. User feedback

We value feedback from our customers and end-users. This feedback is essential to continually improve our solutions, ensuring that they meet real user needs and comply with the highest ethical standards.


7. Training and Responsibility of Novatix Employees

7.1 Employee training

Our team is our most valuable asset. We invest in ongoing training for our employees, ensuring they are up to date on the latest advances in AI, ethical issues and regulations.

7.2 Individual liability

Every member of the Novatix team is encouraged to take responsibility for his or her work. We promote a culture where each individual is aware of the impact of his or her actions and strives to act ethically and responsibly.


8. Incident management

In the event of an incident involving our AI solutions, we have rigorous procedures in place to respond quickly and effectively. This includes communicating with stakeholders, rectifying problems and implementing measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.


9. Recognition of AI limitations

AI, for all its potential, has its limitations. We are transparent about these limitations, ensuring that our customers understand where AI is most effective and where it might require human intervention or a different approach.


10. Chart update

Technology and ethical issues evolve rapidly. We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating this charter to reflect the latest advances and best practices in the industry.


11. Conclusion

AI has the power to transform our world, but it must be used with care and responsibility. We are determined to be at the forefront of this revolution, while ensuring that our actions are always guided by ethics, responsibility and respect for all.