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AI applications by industry 


We help tourism businesses optimize their marketing, booking management and customer experience. We offer solutions that help companies attract new customers and build loyalty through unique, personalized experiences.


We help trustees and financial managers of SMEs to automate certain tasks and analyze data for more informed decision-making. Thanks to our expertise in artificial intelligence, we can help companies manage their finances more efficiently and achieve their financial goals.


We work with e-commerce companies to develop AI-based functionalities to enhance the customer experience, such as search, personalization and process automation. We are able to design innovative solutions to improve the performance and profitability of e-commerce companies.

Real Estate

We help real estate professionals to optimize their operational management, improve customer satisfaction and effectively manage their real estate portfolios. We offer AI solutions that target key aspects of the industry, enabling meaningful digital transformation for our customers. 

Public Sector

We support professionals of the public sector by providing solutions to increase operational efficiency, enhance safety and improve service quality. We design intelligent systems that automate processes and introduce innovations, helping public entities to achieve their strategic objectives while optimizing their resources.. 


We help media and entertainment companies optimize their ad targeting, content personalization and user experience. We are able to design innovative solutions to help companies increase profitability and performance through AI-based solutions.


We help transport and logistics companies optimize their planning, routing and operational efficiency. We can design solutions to help companies improve profitability and performance by automating key processes.


We help doctors and healthcare professionals improve their practice by automating and optimizing appointment scheduling. We can optimize processes so that healthcare professionals can focus on their patients. Our aim is to make medical practice management more efficient and cost-effective.

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