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Novatix offers cutting-edge AI consulting expertise, transforming your business operations and strategies. We provide strategic recommendations and implement AI solutions to boost your business.

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Why choose Novatix for your AI project needs?

In-depth expertise
  • Our team has specialized knowledge in the application of AI to business processes.

Customized approach
  • We tailor our advice to your company's unique culture and your specific objectives.

Collaboration and support 
  • We work closely with you every step of the way, ensuring ongoing support and clear communication.

Measurable results
  • Our advice is focused on achieving tangible results and improving your ROI.

AI audit service

We assess your readiness for the age of artificial intelligence.


This phase involves interviews with employees at all hierarchical levels to fully understand their roles and interactions with current technologies. 

At the same time, we are reviewing internal documents to analyze existing processes and working methods.

The aim is to establish a solid foundation and identify your company's pain points which will help determine where the integration of artificial intelligence could offer the greatest added value.

Situation analysis

During this stage, we carry out a detailed review of the company's technology tools to assess their compatibility with future artificial intelligence solutions and ease of integration.

We also analyze workflows in depth to identify repetitive and unchallenging tasks that can be automated. 

To evaluate and prioritize these workflows, we implement our own matrix system which we have designed specifically for this audit, making it easier to highlight the most relevant automation opportunities.

AI adoption 

At this stage, we assess not only the company's ability to integrate AI into its existing processes, but also the maturity of AI technologies available to ensure effective adoption. 

We determine where AI can be used to innovate and bridge technology gaps, considering both current workflows and unmet needs. 

This in-depth analysis enables us to plan implementation strategies that maximize the benefits of AI.

Actions and recommendations

In this last phase, we provide concrete actions and strategic recommendations to initiate AI adoption. 

We propose specific projects that can improve operational efficiency and increase productivity, while positioning the company at the forefront of innovation.

These recommendations are tailored to align current technological capabilities with future goals, ensuring a smooth transition to advanced artificial intelligence solutions.

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