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Optimize and transform your business with our customized Artificial Intelligence solutions

Artificial Intelligence is a strategic lever for optimizing your business. We offer customized AI solutions that boost your operations, reduce your costs and refine your decision-making. Our expertise extends to integrating AI into your existing systems and developing new, tailor-made applications.

We use recognized cutting-edge solutions such as OpenAI, Google Cloud Vision AI, Microsoft Azure AI Services and AssemblyAI to offer AI solutions tailored to your needs.

We cover a wide range of AI services, from image classification and predictive modeling to automation and sentiment analysis. We're with you every step of the way - design, development, deployment and support - to guarantee effective AI solutions tailored to your ambitions. Our commitment is to forge a strong partnership to propel your business objectives.​

AI capabilities

Discover how Artificial Intelligence tools can reshape your business through a range of features tailored to your specific needs.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables machines to understand and interact with human text, transforming communication between man and machine. ​

We develop Natural Language Processing solutions that can automate customer relationship management, analyze massive volumes of textual data and extract relevant information, improving decision-making and optimizing internal operations.

Voice Processing

Voice processing converts and interprets human voice interactions, enabling companies to improve customer engagement and operational efficiency. ​

Our integrated speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions facilitate smooth, personalized user experiences, offering improved customer service and more natural interaction with voice-assist technologies.

Predictive Analysis​

Predictive analytics uses statistical models and machine learning algorithms to predict future events based on historical data. ​

We develop customized solutions that enable companies to uncover hidden trends, anticipate consumer behavior, and forecast business outcomes with greater accuracy. Our predictive analytics tools help optimize resource management, reduce risk and maximize growth opportunities by providing actionable, real-time insights.

Computer Vision​

Computer vision uses algorithms to enable machines to see and understand the visual world. ​

We leverage this technology to offer applications ranging from intelligent surveillance and automatic quality inspection to facial recognition and image analysis. These solutions enable companies to capture critical information from images and video, increasing efficiency and security in a variety of operations.

Our methodology​

We transform concepts into concrete solutions thanks to our methodical, structured approach. From needs identification to operational implementation, follow every step of our process to ensure results aligned with your strategic objectives.

Discovery call​

During this 45-minute call, we take the time to understand your objectives, challenges and specific business environment. It's an opportunity for our experts to gather the essential information that will guide the design of your customized AI solution.


Workshop / AI Audit

Depending on your needs, we offer either an interactive workshop or a complete audit. ​

The workshop is designed to introduce your team to AI and together identify high-impact use cases that could transform your business. ​

The audit, on the other hand, involves an in-depth assessment of your processes, systems, culture and management to identify opportunities for integrating suitable and effective AI solutions.​

Following this stage, high value-added projects that can benefit from AI are identified.​


AI solution development​

Once the project scope has been defined, we enter the active development phase. ​

We use advanced no-code platforms to rapidly build adaptive AI solutions, incorporating APIs that enable seamless integration with your existing systems. ​

A functional prototype is rapidly developed, marking the transition to the test phase where the solution is rigorously evaluated for performance, usability and security. This iterative approach ensures that the final solution is not only customized, but also robust and ready for seamless integration into your operating environment.


Your customized AI solution is ready to use!​

Get started with our AI workshop

Our 4-hour AI workshop offers a comprehensive program to help your company navigate the world of AI. We cover everything from goal definition to impact analysis, from project planning to the roadmap for your company's future.

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